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I don't even know myself
30 December 2006 @ 07:08 pm
I haven't updated in nearly 5 months! I can't believe it. Merry Christmas! I actaully had a good christmas this year, especially compared to last year. I'm dreading new years eve, I hate it, I find it really depressing for some reason. I mainly got money for christmas, and gift vouchers for clothes shops, I tried shopping today but I couldn't find anything I liked which didn't help because I hate shopping...everyone's just really annoying and they insist on walking really slow. I got some books for xmas, typical! but I do love to read, it's quite the obsession. I got one on religion, but it's all about disproving the theory of God, it's really interesting, it will also help me when arguing against AmBEAR! in RE. I also got one on the history of Santa Clause of Ma Mere, it seems interesting actually...I keep saying interesting, I need to think of a new word. Nothing much else...geez my life is pathetic.

Chloe x
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I don't even know myself
30 July 2006 @ 07:20 pm
I haven't updated in a while. School's over!! I actually want to go back, how sad is that?! My arm still hurts from getting sunburnt from Alton Towers, it's not my fault that I hate sun cream so I won't wear it! Molly-Ann said I looked like a fried sausage, what a loving sister I have. Alton Towers was great though, even though we had to wait an hour for air, it was so cool, best ride ever! Rita and oblivion were also fab! I hated submission, you just felt like you were going to fall out and not in that cool way, it was just boring in a 'life-flashing-before-my-eyes' kind if way.

Out of boredom I have decided to write the story of Norma Eileen Dover, the women me and Amber made up during Science when we were studying high blood pressure:

When Norma Eileen Dover was born her mother died due to the shock of how ugly she looked, her dad who had high blood pressure died oh a heart attack, also caused by the shock of how ugly she was. When the nurse saw Norma she mistook for a dog and took her to the kenels. A very poor family bought her, they lived in a tiny shack in the middle of a field in the middle of no where. For 20 years she lived as a dog causing one of her legs to become shorter than the other. When the family all died, she got left the shack, having no money she had to get two jobs. During the day she was a bus driver and and night she was a sewage cleaner. She drove the number 22 bus. She had no friends and had to hop and wobble to walk because of the different sizes in her legs. By the time she was 30 she was starting to get lonely so bought a blind, chinese man of e-bay to be her husband. Their wedding was on some cliffs, her husband ended up walking off one of the cliffs and ended up in hospital. A few months later when he got out of hospital, Norma was driving her number 22 bus whilst on the way to stockport and knocked her blind, chinese husband over by accident. He died. She lost her bus driving job, so had to work as a sewage cleaner full-time causing her to develop back problems. Not being able to avoid proper food, she had to eat fatty fast foods so by the time she was 40 she was obese. Norma decided she had to change her life so she went to the doctor who suggested that she go running. That night she started to do laps around the field she lived on, but due to her inherited high blood pressure (remember her dad had it), she had a heart attack and died. The moral of this story: High Blood Pressure Kills!

Chloe xx
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I don't even know myself
07 July 2006 @ 07:28 pm
It was sports day today!! OMG, it was such fun!! I loved cheering, my throat is really sore now, but I got such an adrenaline rush!!

I got out of having to actually do any sports, yay! And our team only came joined last, lol, but we cheered the loudest anyway! We're so used to coming last but we don't care we just laugh and cheer it off. !!9L UNITE TOGETHER!! *don't forget to do the crossing your arms and tapping them together action*

We were all doing the macarana in a long line at the back of the stadium, it was so fab! I'm still on a buzz!!

School over in 2 weeks, woo, for the 6 weeks holidays!! Alton Towers in 2 weeks aswell, can't wait to go, it's gonna be so much fun!!

All tests finished finally, got SATs results back...

Guidelines: Highest you can get in maths is a level 8a, Science 7a and English 7a, I got...

Maths: 8a !!!
Science: 7 (don't know whether it was a, b or c BUT I got the highest points/marks in the year!!)
We haven't got our english back yet...

I failed my Italian listening exam, lol, wasn't that bothered, I'm dropping it anyway but got one of the highest results in Italian for the writing!! It's those stupid people they use on the tapes, they don't make any sense, they speak to fast, and we didn't know any of the stuff, we hadn't even learned it yet!

Happier results, got History back, was nervous about this one because I've chose it for GCSE and I got 96%!! and Amber got 94% *claps hands*

Going to see Pirates of the Carribean tommorow! Can't wait to go see it. CSI:Miami on tonight *giggles*, I can finally see Jonathon Togo/ Ryan Wolfe!! He is one of the husbands in mine and Amber's new polygamy family, aswell as Adam Brody and Wentworth Miller, we will be needing a 4th husband though, we can't just have one each, lol.

That's all for now, ciao (how could I fail Italian!?),

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I don't even know myself
23 June 2006 @ 04:05 pm
Poem I wrote yesterday, hmm, that's all I've posted for the last few posts, tell me what you think...

It's just another tear on my pillow
another reason to fade away
A broken world world behind a smile
broken pieces of my heart
scattered on a bed
walking through the shadows
In my hollow shell

Eyes bore into my own
a reflection in the mirror
burning into each others soul
Life is just a masquerade
alone I discard my mask
the walls starting to crumble
the pain coming at last

Deciet all around me
piercing at my skin
I'm screaming, begging on my knees
everyone's just walking past
my voice just another whisper
carried by the wind

It's just another tear on my pillow
another reason to fade away
A broken world behind a smile
broken pieces of my heart
scattered on a bed
walking through the shadows
In my hollow shell

memories haunt me in my wake
side by side we walk
everyday I follow them
further into the dark
I keep falling deeper and deeper
I reach out
but nobody's takes my hand
nobody's there to catch me

Scars I thought were gone
still etched in my mind
scratched on the surface
but bleeding deep inside
Rain on the windown pane
lulling me to sleep
the tears slowly drying
upon my tear stained cheeks

It's just another tear on my pillow
another reason to fade away
A broken world behind a smile
broken pieces of my heart
scattered on a bed
walking through the shadows
in my hollow shell

So fragile I'm scared I might break
but you can't break my heart if it's already fallen to pieces
walking through the shadows
in my hollow shell

Well what do you think?!? Chloe xx
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I don't even know myself
14 June 2006 @ 06:28 pm
This is one I wrote like months ago but re-discovered so I thought I'd post it, tell me what you think...

Push me and I will fall
my soul will shatter and break
the glistening pieces will shatter
along the cold abandoned floor
fix me and I will cut you
you won't try again
for I may be breakable
but you'll never make me bleed

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I don't even know myself
13 June 2006 @ 08:03 pm
A poem I wrote randomly in school (It's in free verse, it's not meant to have any structure to it):

I'm all alone in this world
still a little girl searching for her way
I don't know where to start
I'm all so confused
there's no where to escape

I pretend that I know what I'm doing
but really I don't know where to begin
Stuck in this place never-ending
not sure who I am
or what to do

I'm running through a maze
just trying to find home
who am I? I ask
but I'm all alone

I'm just a little girl searching for her way
I don't know where to start
I've got no where to escape

Another poem, slightly similar, that I wrote on the back of my geography test because I was bored:

I'm misunderstood
don't know what to do
I keep searching and searching
not sure which way to go

Stuck in this maze,
I'll never break free
I need to escape
I need to find me

Lost myself in this world
I'm struggling to breathe
My pain so infecting
everyone just leaves

I'm misunderstood
don't know what to do
I keep searching and searching
not sure which way to go

This is just a completley ridiculous poem I made up in Geography (I get bored a LOT in that lesson) about the supply teacher we had, it really is stupid:

We have a supply Geography teacher called Mr.Newman
He's so crazy we might want to sue 'em
We think he's on crack
though he might just be a wack
He won't give us a test
instead he's going to get locked up in a cookoo nest

Tell me what you think...Chloexx

p.s don't you just love my new userpic!!
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I don't even know myself
04 June 2006 @ 09:17 pm
Omg, its been ages since I updated...

Last EVER episode of Charmed on Thursday, it was soooo good!! I loved it so much, probably one of my fav episodes! It had a really good, happy ending. Older Chris and Wyatt came back, which was so cool!! I'm such a freak...

Went shopping on Thursday. I got two new pairs of jeans, one was that really dark blue denim and others were pretty light blue baggy jeans. Do you know how hard it is to find Baggy Jeans? or anything other that skinny jeans? Not all of us our skinny, tall supermodels! If you're short or have anysor of fat on you at all, you look stupid on them (sorry if thats you, but you probably do). Do we all look like Kate Moss? No!

I saw X-Men on sat, they have to do a next one, I mean Charles Xavier isn't really dead, as you would have seen had you stayed until after the credits (Hazel made me). And Magneto still slightly has his powers still...sorry, lots of spoilers...I just think it was cool.

Got to go back to school tommorow...boring. Got stuck doing homework all day, my own fault, I left it until the last minute. Very proud of my science Homework, I sound very clever, but really I just looked up some info on the internet and then put that into context with my work, stuff you Mary! I can do it too...*insert evil laugh*

not much else...byexx
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I don't even know myself
I haven't update in ages! All test are over, finally! Don't really want to get the results back in case I do bad (yeah, like thats gonna happen. lol.) no, seriously, I stop breathing for a few seconds before I get results, it's a competative thing. Can't believe Mary got higher on the science coursework, she just copied loads of stuff off the internet, cheating bitch! (joking Mary, if you're reading this, although not very likely)

Went to see the Da Vinci Code on Friday, I thought it was really good, haven't read the book yet but I'm going to, just as soon as I find Sean's copy that he never even read yet he went around saying he did read it, LIAR!!! serves him right being in hospital, stupid twats own fault anyway, but he didn't hang himself, contary to popular belief!!

Both Jay and Tehreem are not going to be in school on Wendesday and Thursday, so I'm stuck with Amber all by myself, I might aswell book myself an appointment with a psychiatrist now. (no offence Ambear, Amber Bamber - I know you're hating me probably, right about now!)

Curled my hair on Saturday, looked kinda nice, but it got wrecked in the rain, that's one problem with bad weather, the bad hair!! although mine pretty much looks bad the majority of the time anyway.

Went to see Take That the other week, I was converted into a Take That groupie!! I look stunning in the photo of me... It was actually really good, but I did fall off my chair when I stood on it, it hurt a lot. Mum's fault, I was screaming at her cause I could feel myself falling but she just ignored me and then also decided to stand on it, making it completley fall over. It's all right for her, she didn't get hurt!!

Charmed was so fab the other night, can't wait to see the next episode!! and prison break, smallville, lost, greys anatomy, csi, criminal minds, OMG there are so many, it makes it seem as though I have a sad life, its not that, they're all on late at night so...

Not much else happening, gonna go...

I don't even know myself
02 May 2006 @ 07:53 pm
Had my science SATs today, they were pretty easily actually. Maths tommorow, not that worried, but I probably will be in the morning.

Lost tonight!! Can't wait!! and it's a double bill! OMG!!!

Not much else really going on, so I think I'll go...
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I don't even know myself
29 April 2006 @ 04:39 pm
Lost starts on Tuesday, a double bill! ahh!! Clark broke up with Lana in Smallville, only a matter of time until he gets together with Louis. Ahhh! Lincoln might die in prison break, ahhh!! It's all happening in telly land...

SATs start on Tuesday, I cannot revise, seriously. It's like impossible, I just get so annoyed!! I'm not bothered about revising for my maths cause I kinda know that'll get level 8, (go me) but I so want Level 7's in English and Science, but I don't know if I will.

Not much else going on, going to Bella's soon, so better go.

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